The Story of Charles P. Steel


Charles P. Steel was born in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. Weighing a measly 3 lbs. 11 oz. at birth he was weak in nearly every way. Charles suffered from allergies to milk, nuts, red meat, and of course gluten, so his parents struggled to find anything the boy could eat. He was 17 years old and 65lbs when he bounced out of the back of his father’s pickup truck and down a wooded hillside. Lost in these woods, Charles couldn’t yell loud enough to alert rescuers to where he was. Eventually he found an abandoned mine where he was able to take shelter from the elements. One night, a bat startled Charles and he screamed so loud it ruptured his vocal cords. And it was then, as he sat alone… hungry, cold, and coughing up blood, that he realized he would die in that mine if he didn’t toughen up. From that day on, Charles developed a hatred for weakness and he began a lifelong search for strength.

Steel Coated Graceland

The next day, Charles stubbled across a rattlesnake while looking for food. Initial frightened, Charles quickly regained his nerve and grabbed the serpent with his bare hands. As it coiled around his arm, Charles tore the still beating heart from its’ body and ate it raw. He would never go hungry again.

Not quite this dramatic, but close!

Charles stayed in those woods for two years. Growing stronger every day. Eventually he was found by a group of surveyors amazed that this was the same child who had disappeared just two years earlier. Upon returning home, his mother was shocked to find that her delicate child had become the strongest man she’d ever seen. He had disappeared into those woods as the boy Charles, but he came out the man Chuck Steel.

Chuck soon left home for the west coast. Taking a job as a lumberjack, his legend spread as the only man strong enough to chop down a redwood with the butt end of an axe. He then found work with a group of scientist heading to the Pacific Islands to study volcanos. Chuck proved indispensable as the only person on the expedition capable of taking the temperature of the molten lava as it flowed out of the chamber. After leaving the study in Malaysia, he ended up in China protecting the South China Tiger in the Guangdong Province. From there he had a quick stint as an oil rigger in Siberia and then found work at a steel plant in Krasnoyarsk.

"It's more tingly than hot!"

One day in Krasnoyarsk, Chuck was jumped by three Drago brothers. They got a few lucky punches in, but Chuck still feels he won the fight. When the dust had settled, Chuck lay on the ground watching as pools of blood soaked into the cracks of the floor, he realized that the floor couldn’t handle it!

From that day, Chuck grew more and more intolerable of weak floors. His mission in life took on a single purpose. Create the strongest floor on earth! Today Chuck’s life’s work is Steel Coated Floors. A floor so strong, only Chuck Steel could damage it! 

"He is like a piece of iron."

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